You Can Improve Your Dodge’s Fuel Economy

Pain at the pump is a frequently used expression, one that is felt by consumers across North America. With gas prices in some areas topping three, even four dollars per gallon, the need to find ways to save on fuel has never been greater. Short of trading your ride in for a toaster on wheels or for a skateboard, you can get better fuel mileage for your Dodge Magnum or other fine vehicles by following several proven steps as well as considering the purchase of a product designed to conserve fuel. Read on and we'll explore some sensible fuel saving options for you.

Bundle Your Trips - If you find yourself going in and out of your driveway throughout the day, you are wasting gasoline. If you need to stop by the hardware store, the city dump, run to the mall, or do any number of other visits, consider combining your excursions to just one trip. You'll put less mileage on your car and eat up less gas.

Under Inflated Tires - Tires that are under inflated are less safe as they take longer to stop and are more susceptible to blow outs. They also cause a drag on fuel economy, perhaps as much as ten percent!

Performance Air Filter - Most vehicles use paper air filters and they simply are not the best device for your engine. Instead, cotton gauze filters - the same ones used on race cars - are the best for your vehicle. They improve fuel economy, give you a boost in horsepower, plus they are reusable. No filling up landfills with endless amounts of paper air filters as a performance air filter will likely outlast your car!

Keep Your Speed Down - Your Dodge can go 70, 80, even more than 100 miles per hour. Of course the legality of a high speed is one thing, but the efficiency of a high speed is another. Most cars are most efficient if they are driven at about 65 mph or less. Going over that amount and your fuel economy will suffer.

Install A Tornado - A stainless steel device costing less than $60 can be the best Dodge part you can install on your car. Yes, the Tornado Fuel Saver will help your car get better fuel mileage as it helps your engine work more efficiently by burning less fuel. Squeeze out an additional 1 to 2 gallons per fill up and get a return on your investment within a month or two. A lifetime part, the Tornado will help your car and benefit your wallet.

Changing your spark plugs, driving with your windows rolled up, keeping your oil and oil filter fresh, and choosing regular gasoline over premium fuel are some additional ways to save on gas. Altogether, you could squeeze out an extra three or four gallons per fill up and with gas prices as high as they are your savings can mount to over $500 per year.

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James Russel grew up in Los Angeles and is 35 years old. He works as a marketing analyst for a supplier of automotive parts in the United States. On his spare time, he loves to spruce up his vehicle.

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