Will You Give Up Your Beliefs For Spiritual Enlightenment?

If you are not actually interested in losing what you believe yourself to be because of your hoping to gain something called "enlightenment" to add to the repertoire of your belief, you will be able to continue pretending to be what is not actually true of you while thinking that you are on the road to finding your self.

Why not?

It is as good a choice as any that you can make while having no idea of who you are already. "Spiritual seekers" and the "western male mind" - which is not limited to males, it is a particular "mindset" and attitude that a lot of westerners have - are the least likely to realize who they are because of their disposition of thinking that they know. When in fact, all they have is a bag full of concepts.

You can have all of the concepts you like. No concept is going to free you from the constant and consistent belief of who you think you are.

Who you think you are is what you suffer. It fails you from "seeing and being" who you are. Who you think you are can argue all it likes - you are left with not "seeing and being" who you are, with an argument coming along for the ride as well. It is all very simple.

You can be who you are but you will never consciously be who you are while you are defending who you think you are. Who you think you are is hoping to be relieved of its own movement while perpetuating its own movement.

You then call for "grace." You are waiting on "grace" to relieve you of what you are getting up to and actually refusing to let go of.

This one that you think you are is the only blockage that you have from "seeing and being" who you already are. Who you are is looking through your eyes right now.

This "motion of seeing," this "motion of aliveness," that is currently flowing through your eyes is who you are.

To be this "flow of aliveness" requires your full focus of attention given over to this "motion."

The moment you "do" that - it is not a "doing," it is a "being" - you have let go of who you thought you were.

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