Will San Antonio Spurs Tickets Show Fans Another Run to the Title?

San Antonio Spurs tickets have been nearly impossible to find for quite some time, as few cities support their team with the loyalty that San Antonio does its Spurs. The team has rewarded its fans with several championship runs in recent years, and it seems that theyre in contention every season. This year is no different, but very few people seem to be talking about the Spurs when discussing championship contenders, as the Mavericks and the Suns are enjoying wildly successful runs of their own. Below well take a look at where the Spurs stand and whether fans in the area can gear up for another title run.

In almost any other year, the Spurs would be in the drivers seat in the Southwest Division with their rock-solid 42-18 record. However, the Mavericks have been on a nearly-historic tear for months, and they currently sit with a record of 50-9, leaving the Spurs 8.5 games behind them. Unless some sort of injury or some other completely unforeseen collapse occurs, it doesnt look like the Spurs will catch the Mavericks. That notwithstanding, the Spurs would have the third seed if the season ended today, and thats a pretty good spot, as theyd avoid the Mavericks in the second round after presumably whipping the injury-depleted Lakers in the first round. Overall, theyre in a decent position.

It seems that every year, the team that wins the NBA title has at least one player catch fire down the stretch. We saw that last year with Dwyane Wade, and others on that recent list include Rip Hamilton and the Spurs own Tim Duncan. Although Duncan alone is still worth the effort of obtaining San Antonio Spurs tickets, he still doesnt look completely healthy, and he is not getting any younger. He can still take over games at times, but the best bet for a player to crank it up a notch in the coming weeks would appear to be Tony Parker, one of the best catalysts in the game, but hes been injured as well recently.

As hard as it is for Spurs fans to face it, this is an old team. Theyve pretty much reached the ceiling of their potential, but one thing overrides all the statistical trends - this is a team of champions and experience, and they could quite conceivably step up in a collective manner and make one last run to a title. Assuming the Spurs hold their playoff position and get past the first round, they certainly have the ability to upset the Suns in the second round, even though theyd be underdogs. Regardless, San Antonio Spurs tickets still could be a chance to see Duncan and his deputies make a grab at one last championship trophy.

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