Wildflowers of Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie is an oasis in the outback desert of Western Australia. Located less than a days drive from Perth, it is prettiest in spring, with amazing displays of wildflowers the perfect backdrop as you zip past the colourful landscapes in your rental car. You will need to set aside enough time to explore and enjoy the beauty of this region.

Also known as the golden outback, there are a number of old mine shafts still open to tourists here, with gold panning always a popular activity. There are also a number of ghost mining towns within driving distance giving travellers a new respect for the old miners of the past.

There is plenty to do within Kalgoorlie, which has is now often referred to as Kalgoorlie-Boulder, with the two cities merging together. The Kalgoorlie Goldfields Visitor Centre has information on all the best places to see in the area, some being The Museum of the Goldfields featuring exhibits, prized gold nuggets and relics from the past. For some family fun, the Kurrawang Emu Farm is worth a visit as is the Miners Hall of Fame promising a memorable step back in time.

A driving holiday to visit Kalgoorlie is a fantastic idea for so many reasons. There are all ranges of accommodation to choose from, with bed and breakfast, motels and excellent camping sites in Kalgoorlie and Boulder. With many attractions also outside of the city you have the freedom to spend as much time as you like exploring this remote land.

Outside the city is the Darling Range, where the woodlands beckon you on to take a closer look at the pretty wildflowers that transform the normally desolate landscape into a blanket of colour. The emblem of the state is the Kangaroo Paw, its colours dominating this area, and wattles, daisies and everlastings some of the variety of flowers seen for at least five months of the year. There are enjoyable bushwalks, and you will more than likely spot a kangaroo or small marsupial in between the trees.

Why not stay on a farm or cattle station for a few days? The region surrounding Kalgoorlie is as outback as it gets, with plenty of friendly locals who are waiting to boast about the history of the area, and enjoy a meal together. Children will love the animals and a chance to sleep under the long stretch of stars rarely visible in the city.

Not only are there pretty wildflowers at every turn, but vast salt lakes and large granite rock formations adding to the intrigue of the land. You can take a day trip down to beautiful Esperance on the coast along the Goldfields Highway, and drive along to coast to experience the wilderness of the Great Australian Bight.

Esperance is a popular tourist spot, with white beaches, endless rugged coastline and humpback whales often spotted during their long migration. If you stay a bit longer it is an ideal base to visit the Nullabor Plane, located to the east. Its wild, vast landscapes seem to encapsulate everything you could imagine in heart of Australian outback.

Kalgoorlie is remote and steeped in history, known for its cattle driving, gold mines and wild terrain. Your visit here will bring you face to face with the Australian outback at its best, and a wealth of colour almost indescribable during wildflower season. You will need to come prepared to venture out further into the remoteness of the outback, as you explore a part of the world that may be out of the way but certainly a destination in itself.

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