Why Wait

My Mom recently wanted to book a ticket to visit me in Georgia. All the flights she was finding were $500 plus. Then she all of a sudden finds a flight for almost 60% cheaper and rather than booking it right away she thought to herself "maybe I can find it even cheaper?". After another 30 minutes of searching and finding no better deal she went back to the other site where she saw the flight for so cheap and low and behold that price was no longer available.

I perform a lot of Freelance work but I still like to plan things. A friend in Florida last night says he wants to hire me for a week to produce videos for his new software. After a little discussion he told me I could leave the next day at 4pm via bus and be in Ft. Lauderdale by 2am, 10 hours later. I tell him to go ahead and book me the ticket as all my money is tied up right now plus when doing freelance it is always best to get some type of deposit up front. At 2:30 pm today I was getting a little nervous because I couldnt reach my friend. Finally at almost 3pm I get a hold of him but he tells me he forgot to book the bus ticket last night.

Greyhound will not allow you to book online unless it is at least 2 hours before a trip departs. My friend, Stuart, tells me to pay cash for the ticket and he will reimburse me. Its a week before I have any money coming in so I have no cash on me and my credit card is for everything I need for the next week. If these videos were so important then why didnt Stuart book the ticket last night? Why did he wait until an hour before the bus trip to let me know that he didnt make the arangemnts?

Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons for failure. A lot of people put off until tomorrow what could be done right now. My wife, after cooking a meal, rather than clean up right away she says to herself "later" and i always end up cleaning up after her because she doesnt get back to things when she says she is going to.

When I was in school and I was taking a test I would choose an answer and then at the last minute change it to something else thinking the new answer was better than the first one I chose. When I get back the test after it has been graded I see that if I had left that answer unchanged then it would have been correct. A lot of students are guilty of this and that is why they get a lot of incorrect answers on their test. We need to learn to trust our first instincts. We also need to learn how to act right away on something rather than putting it off until later.

With marketing on the internet and making money. I would always say to myself that there would be time for this later on, right now I need to learn as much as possibl;e. If I had started my marketing when I first got on the net then I would be making money as of now and I would have a great following. I procrstinated for the past 10 years and because of this I have a lot of needless frustrations.

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