Whey Protein and it’s Uses

With all the fuss you hear about some new product that comes out on the market, being it in fitness or another area many people become skeptical and hesitant to "buy into the hype." However, when it comes to exercise and protein supplementation, Whey Protein is often the way to go.

It's true! I want to talk a little about whey protein and how it can help you build more muscle, improve recovery and immune function, and how it can help get the metabolism going.

First, how does whey help you build more muscle? The answer is quite simple, and I am gonna tell you in the simplest way possible. The simplest form of protein are called amino acids (they are like the building blocks which comprise protein). Their are 22 definite amino acids, but some researchers believe as many as 80 exist. Just so you know, their are 11 types your body makes on its own, and 9 that you need to obtain through diet. Different amino acids have various responsibilities. When it comes to whey protein ( a protein derived from the curd of milk when it's produced) it contains three particular amino acids that are directly responsible for muscle building properties. They are valine, leucine, and isoleucine. These 3 stooges aid you in helping you recover from intense training. A little side note, if your an endurance athlete the need for more of these types of proteins may increase because with all the activity your performing your muscles may start to breakdown to produce energy for the bod, and you will end up losing muscle if your not careful. Secondly, whey contains a high level of a particular water based anti-oxidant called glutathione, which can basically improve your immune system by helping your body fight off free radicals which are nastly little foreign invaders that attack healthy cells. In a nutshell, your less prone to developing sickness and improved recovery. Another point I want to stress is the post-workout meal. It's an ideal time to have a whey supplement mixed with cold water along with some simple carbohydrates (fruit juice, a fat-free bagel, a banana etc.). The whey protein is absorbed quickly into your cells so when your body needs to recover fast, stick with whey.

And lastly when you sleep all night, your body goes into a starvation mode where the metabolism actually slows a bit. Having a whey protein drink in the a.m. will give your body the boost it needs to get much needed protein into the muscles and start to get the building up process going again, along with some quality complex starchy carbohydrates.

So, don't just think whey proteins is for us bodybuilders, you can add it into your everyday diet as well for improved results. The thing is, when you decide to supplement make sure that you do it regularly. Too many times I tell someone about a particular product they get it once or twice and that's it. No, no it's something you do ALL the time. Bottom line: If you strength train regulary this product should be used as a core staple. In general I would say a quality multivitamin/mineral complex, extra vitamin c,e, and calcium/magnesium if your eating very little dairy products, and essential fats (I like borage and flax mix). These should be taken as a basic foundation in your diet. NOT once in a while or week on week off. EVERYDAY.

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