What’s The Most Complete Luxury 4×4?

A state of being that is above and beyond the physical dimensions, power, luxury, capabilities and more - that spells the most fulfilling 4x4. When asked about the most complete luxury 4x4, an overwhelming number of auto enthusiasts have chosen Range Rover. The latter is said to be a state of being that is essentially above and beyond the ordinary.

Range Rover, a four-wheel drive luxury SUV, was first introduced in 1970. Since its inception, the sport utility vehicle has been one of the most luxurious of its kind, though manufactured for off-road capability foremost. Before the arrival of Range Rover, other SUVs like Chevrolet Suburban and Jeep Wagoner already existed. However, when Range Rover enters the SUV scene, the spotlight was easily grabbed by the vehicle.

"Supreme breadth of capability is a hallmark of the Range Rover. It inspires a sense of confidence no matter what the conditions. The latest Range Rover offers effortless performance, irrespective of terrain, and has better on-road performance than ever before, both in handling and straight-line speed," said Land Rover MD Phil Popham. "The new TDV8 has the finest blend of performance and economy yet offered on a Land Rover vehicle. It is faster, quieter and more refined than any diesel engine in our history and is exactly the right unit to underline the Range Rover's reputation as the world's most complete luxury 4x4."

For the 2007 model year, auto Range Rover spare parts entertained significant upgrades to boost the already impressive record of the vehicle. 2007 Range Rover was slightly restyled. However, it is given several adaptations including the heated front seats became standard and cooled seats optional on the HSE and standard on the Supercharged. The hidden folding cup holder found in the previous model was replaced by in-console design with sliding covers. The front fascia was softened by utilizing a chunkier front bumper.

The ignition switch of the latest Range Rover was transferred from the lower-part of the center console up to the dashboard. The vehicle is also given the Terrain Response system which is an exclusive feature of Land Rover. The storage capacity of the SUV was also increased to accommodate extra loads. In addition, the Emergency/Hand brake is now made electronic. To generate a quieter operation, the HVAC system was also updated with extra vents. More wood inserts were resorted to add elegance and sophistication.

However, the most admired feature of Range Rover is its powerful engine. The flagship model's 2.7 L AJD Diesel V6 is replaced for 2007 with Ford's new 3.6 L AJD-V8. This engine boasts 272 horsepower, far more than the 177 horsepower of the previous BMW Inline 6 engine. Other changes for 2007 include better brakes and a revised suspension. The other V8 is an unblown 225kW, 4.4-litre. Land Rover said it is also quicker, more refined and more economical than its predecessor. These new engines can operate at more extreme angles and have better protection from terrain and road obstacles. They are also made water-proof for tough performance needs.

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