What Kinds of Relationships Do You Have?

Most men aren't actually aware of the types of relationships that they're in. They just get into relationship and take them for granted.

"oh..I have to work at a job, so here's a job."

"Heres the t.v. so I'll watch this show.."

You can do a lot to master yourself and your own 'inner game', but if you want the most power and effect in life, learn to master your relationships.

If you've heard of the 'Law of Attraction' you know that you're involved in the types of relationships you're involved in because you attracted them to you. You made certain decisions to get involved in certain types of relationships.

What's limiting millions of men is that they're not in the types of relationships that are empowering and beneficial.

Instead, they're in oppressive and conditioning relationships where someone else has the true relational authority.

They don't realize how much influence someone else is having over them in the relationships that they're in. And our
society continues to promote this kind of mediocrity so that the powers can continue to have their control over men.

Men's magazines will assume you work at a job and will keep you content with your mediocrity. They'll show you a fancy car and then say something like 'good luck' getting this one and so forth.

Why is America content with mediocrity? Because of the types of relationships the people are involved in.

The social powers have the true relational authority over almost all of the people they are influencing. This represses their own inner character no matter how much they try to improve themselves.

Those people are still stuck as the conditioned response to the stimulus of the programming the 'powers' are sending out.

It programs and promotes a fantasy that is so out of touch with reality that will suppressing the people, they have no choice but to accept it.

Each man and woman has a separate built up 'fantasy world' as a byproduct of being a conditioned behavioral response to all of this stimulus programming.

Since they keep the fantasy world as a fantasy; it clashes with reality and they know that they just couldn't attain that. Thus, becomes mediocrity.

Contentedness. Unwillingness to 'rock the boat' despite our massive sexploitation going on. People are afraid to truly be themselves or be free. Afraid to reach all they can be
because the powers have purposely repressed them into a disempowering relationship.

There is still hope. It's up to a man to break free from all of this default repression and reframe the relationship he has with these enormous powers of influence.

Instead of just accepting the status quo or being stuck in the middle of all the programming trying to sort things out, he can be a very powerful man by claiming his true independence
and then shifting the type of relationship he has with other forces of power including media, radio, t.v., magazines and other people; all of whom try to put him in a suppressive

He can choose to have power once he becomes aware of the types of relationships he's been in and how much he's already been conditioned.

Then he can free himself from the suppressive mediocrity of being a social byproduct and do the things he dreamt of.

The people who make the 'programming' have a different relationship to social influence. People of power have different types of relationships; they choose the types of relationships they have so that it's ONLY an equal exchange of value.

Powerful people won't let other people suppress them and they are aware of those suppressive types of relationships before they even begin.

You can have power but just understand what's really been holding you back and then you can be like Neo in the Matrix.

He actualizes his power once he became aware of his relationship to the matrix and the powers that were suppressing him.

When he claimed his independence, he re-framed his relationship and was able to stop the bullets of influence from touching him. You have that power to choose the bullets of influence you let in your life.

It's not enough to just know thyself anymore because we now live under the pressure and massive influence of other powers who will making the decisions for you without your awareness.

Understand your relationship to those powers, reframe your relational reality and then you will be free to be yourself and fulfill your dreams because you chose the right types of relationships that adds value to lives instead of taking away.

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