Warning signs of debt – What are they?

Warning Signs that debt is becoming a problem:

  • Once you have paid creditors and a few basic expenses, there isn't enough money to survive the month or week on.
  • You drastically cut back on basic necessities such as food or travel to pay creditors.
  • You consolidate personal loans and credit card debts more than once in a five-year period.
  • Without overtime or benefits such as Child Benefit, you would not be able to pay creditors.
  • You use credit cards/borrow further to pay creditors or for basic expenses because you are unable to cover them out of your own pay packet
  • If a minor financial emergency happened for example your fridge broke down, you would not be able to afford to fix it without borrowing money.
  • You regularly exceed your overdraft to an extent that you are not in credit when your wages are paid into the bank.
  • Your bank is in regular contact with you about unpaid direct debits, personal loans arrears and your use of your unauthorised overdraft.
  • You have Mortgage, Utility or Council tax arrears.
  • Your financial situation starts to drastically affect other areas of your life for example you can't sleep, you argue about money with your loved ones or you can't concentrate at work.

People who are able to identify three or more warning signs as factors they are experiencing should consider seeking advice from a debt management company such as Chase Saunders or an IVA company like IVA Help

About the Author

Paul Mccann B.A.(Hons) is an experienced debt consultant working for Chase Saunders and specialises in IVAs at IVA Advice

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