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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." Albert Einstein

As you know the universe in which we live is an enigma. Consisting mostly of empty space it is in constant motion with atoms and particles bumping up against one another and swirling energy fields reaching to the far ends of the galaxy. Millions of planets busily occupy what we call the Milky Way. A miracle is occurring before your eyes.

Far-off into the reaches of space is a beautiful blue planet we call earth. A creation to itself, but on a smaller scale. You see the rise and fall of ocean tides the cyclic patterns of nature to the sound of thunder when lightning smacks a shuttering bolt of electricity through the atmosphere. A gentle reminder that you are surrounded by the forces of nature, and deeply connected with them.

Let us now take a closer look and focus on you, the artist. As co-creator you feel the need to express your artistic endeavors. This need rises inside you like a fountain spring. -Appearing in many ways, in the creative arts such as visual song and dance. If not directed and nurtured correctly and given the freedom to grow, your need for expression could turn into a torrent of pain frustration and anxiety - a curse.

But it shouldn't be, few realise their connectedness to the same power that is responsible for creating the stars in the heavens, that is lingering within you now. Without creativity there is no life or definite purpose no mystery or intrigue. You are the enigma. Your creativity fills the empty spaces on a gallery wall, the white pages of a book and defies gravity in dance on a stage. All the while feeding the void of emptiness in people's hearts and minds to help ponder the great mysteries of the universe such as who am I? Where did I come from and where do I go?

You see not with your physical senses but with inner vision an intuition few experience. You are able to do this because you trust yourself. When you are exposed to new information you are able to judge that this information is valuable, or that information is not. The mysteries announce themselves to you in a language of silence igniting a fire deep inside you. Eventually to rise to the surface and allow you to take up your divine right as co-creator in a universe of unlimited potential.

Your art is your life and like the creator who is one with his creations, you are one with yours. And so here you are. An individual seeking to express your inner and most personal thoughts and wants through your Art. Your belief in a power that comes from within and how to tap that source of unlimited potential will decide your success as an artist in this world. This power you already have.

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Tiki OBrien is the founder of http://www.maori-arts.com A graduate from the school of hard knocks, Tiki is a Maori artist, entrepreneur and businessperson rolled up in one package, he is also a writer, philosopher, motivation speaker, and personal coach.

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