Top 5 Reasons To Consider Small Industrial Vacuum Cleaners For Your Home

When it comes time to buy a vacuum for their home, most people head to their local retail outlet and make a buy of whatever home vacuum cleaner strikes their fancy. What you may want to consider instead, though, is a small industrial vacuum cleaner. The applications and abilities of industrial vacuums coupled with a size that fits your home can add value to your purchase if not great aesthetics.

One: Long Cords

Industrial vacuums generally have long cords so that a large floor space can be cleaned without the time consuming task of plugging, unplugging, moving, winding cord, unwinding cords, etc. The cord can be a similar advantage in your home. With the right cord, you could vacuum your entire downstairs without stopping.

Two: Durability

Residential floor cleaners can say they are durable, but generally they are not up to the level of even the most basic commercial vacuum. Commercial models are made with the idea that they will be used often and in the dirtiest of conditions in mind. For your home, there is nothing wrong with that either.

Three: Power

For the same reason that industrial vacuums are made durable, they are also powerful. Small industrial vacuum cleaners will bring that power to your home and help you to get your floors as clean as you like.

Four: Maintenance

Because businesses want to be able to fix their own vacuum cleaners, industrial models often have easy to access and replace parts. If you like to do your own maintenance, an industrial floor cleaner is a great idea.

Five: Price

Industrial vacuums are not as heavily advertised as the models you see for use in the home. That saving is often passed right on through to the consumer. If you can find a place to buy a small industrial vacuum cleaner, then you may find that for the money you will be able to get a much better machine than you originally anticipated.

With the five advantages to a small industrial vacuum cleaner above in mind, you should be aware that they will come up short in one place: looks. Industrial vacuum cleaners are not made for looks, only for function. If you are willing to put up with a clunky industrial looking vac that brings all the features and advantages you see above, then a commercial vacuum cleaner just may be the right choice for your home.

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