Top 5 Myths About Discount Sunglasses

Most of us out there recognize the importance of protecting our eyes from the suns harmful rays, and many of us dont want to sacrifice style to do it. But how many of us can afford the high price of designer sunglasses? If there were a low cost alternative, why not take it? A lot of people have concerns about discount sunglasses, owing largely to the supposed "risks" inherent in purchasing them. However, these risks stem primarily from some basic mistaken information. Consider these five biggest myths about discount sunglasses:

5. Everyone will notice Im not wearing high-priced or designer sunglasses.

Not true! In fact, there are numerous inexpensive brands that replicate or capture the most up-to-date styles and trends. Its important to be sure youre buying from a reputable retailer in order to guarantee youre getting sunglasses of the highest quality. However, there are numerous outlets for discount sunglasses that promise both value and variety in their available styles. You can easily find the designer style you want at a price you can afford.

4. Discount sunglasses dont provide the same UV protection as their more expensive counterparts.

Its of the utmost important to be certain youre getting sunglasses that will protect your eyes. Can discount sunglasses guarantee UV protection? Absolutely! Check to see if the sunglasses youre purchasing are labeled 99-100% UV protection (sometimes labeled UV absorption to 400nm). Again, there are now several retailers offering discount sunglasses that offer the same UV protection as more expensive designer brands.

3. Discount sunglasses are poor quality and provide no recourse should they break.

This may be the most common myth about discount sunglasses; however, its also the most incorrect! While you cant always trust vendors on the street, most professional retailers offer money-back guarantees on all their sunglasses. Just because youre buying a discount product doesnt mean you have to buy a cheap one. Check to be sure the lenses are clear of any defects, including scratching or twisted hinges, and you should have no problems. Indeed, with the numerous discount brands available, you shouldnt have any trouble finding a high-quality pair of sunglasses that fit your face, your style, and your budget.

2. Discount sunglasses arent really much of a bargain.

As the previous debunked myths have shown, you can get a great, quality pair of sunglasses without paying designer prices. Designer brands often charge between $200 and $500, almost exclusively for their name! Imagine owning virtually the same pair of shades for only $15-$20? Now that discount brands have caught-up with designers in quality, sun protection, and customer service, its hard to say discount sunglasses arent a bargain.

1. Discount sunglasses retailers arent trustworthy.

This myth is the most damaging of all, and with good reason. Indeed, there are disreputable retailers out there, but they are in the minority. The vast majority of retailers are both trustworthy and customer service oriented. Always be sure the retailer youre using has a quality guarantee policy, a permanent address, and available contact information. Many even have customer reviews and quality control contacts to provide 100% assurance of customer satisfaction. In fact, retailers rely on your trust to grow their business, and want nothing more than for you to be happy with the quality, selection, and value of your discount sunglasses.

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