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Peyton - Manning admit there is still no feeling of fingertip

In the past three seasons, Peyton - Manning (Peyton Manning) when the effectiveness of the Denver Broncos has completed 1245 passes, wholesale nfl jerseys from china made 14,863 yards.

He told the media that he did it all without any sense of right hand fingers. "My fingers can not feel anything," Manning said. "It's crazy. I recently talked with the doctor, he said, do not expect to be able to feel again the fingertips. This situation gives me about two years of hard feeling, because a doctor told I might wake up any morning after fingertip feeling will come back, so I think of when you wake up every day, today is such a day! but not the case. "

Fingertip feeling is not caused by a series of neck surgery, these procedures cause him to miss the entire 2011 season. Although this is not entirely unexpected side effects, such a situation to make his performance even more impressive & mdash; & mdash; perhaps also explains more and more unstable when Manning's performance.

Manning also said he believes ruined his quadriceps injury is due to the 2014 season before the game against the San Diego Chargers lead to dehydration and stomach upset caused. In this game he quadriceps injury.

When entering the season in December and January, aged 39-year-old Manning's health is very important opportunity for wholesale nfl jerseys for sale the Broncos won the Super Bowl champion. Broncos this season, will often let him rest in training to let him stay active, but with age, more and more problems will occur.

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