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The eagle is absent cheap nfl jerseys from china 6-8 weeks because of the injury

According to Ian Rapoport, cheap San Diego Chargers jerseys Ian RapoPort, Philadelphia, Nick Foles, was absent cheap nfl jerseys from china the clavicle of the Houstown Town, in the last week. The next 6-8 weeks of competition, but the nuclear magnetic resonance results show that Falls does not need surgery. Last week, the game was an unprecedented last game of the eagle wheel, but the team's loss was a heavy loss, the mid-line Demako Ryans (Demeco Ryans) was very likely to be reimbursed in the competition. Poverty Todd Herremans sprained ankle.

It looks at the old Eagle coach Jeep-Kelly created a four-dimensional-based offensive system, but the performance of Falls is not too good. His game time is slightly long, and often is missing at the opening stage. Pass, in addition, Falls has been attached to 9 turns and 4 times. Despite this, the total number of homes and total scores of the Eagles team are still ranked.

Subject 4-point Sanchez preseason showed a stunning, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping while the stability of last week also alleviated the team's many pressures, Sanchez leaders completed some wonderful cooperation, but at the same time he also appeared Two mistakes. Kelly Coach believes that Sanchez is completely capable to become a qualified quarter-off.

Today, 6 wins and 2 negative ehens have a chance to rank among the playoffs. If Sanchez can play out in the future game, he is entirely possible to continue to debut in the playoffs.

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