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Safety Wei Er - Thomas: I hope to retire as a sea eagle player

On April 11th, Earl Thomas has added to Baltimore, but at least Seattle Hawks still occupy a place in his heart.

This old will be safe and sanctual, but he said that he is no longer worried about these things.

Thomas said he hoped that he would signed a commemorative contract with the Hawks after deciding to retire and wholesale nfl jerseys usa retired as the Hawks player. "I hope that I can be retired as a Hawk player," Thomas said. "I will never cut off the contact with the harmoner. You know, I still love my Haiying teammates. I am sure to sign a one-day contract and hope they can hang my jersey on the court. "

Thomas is selected 3 times in the 9 seasons for wholesale nfl jerseys outlet the Hawks, and the occupational bowl is selected 6 times. He is a key member of the famous "Bang Mission". His excellent performance helped the Hawks won the 48th Super Bowl champion.

At the age of 29, he spread a $ 55 million contract with the crow last month.

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