the vessel sink way to bathroom bliss

Many of us that own our home or are constructing a new home are constantly looking for ideas to make our homes functionally sound yet unique. Décor trends are a moving target and will always be a moving target. A current trend in bathroom design is the use of a vessel sink.
Vessel sinks have been around for some time. Only, recently, have the price points of vessel sinks come down enough for the average home owner to afford. In the past, glass vessels for instance, may have been blown specifically for the client. The prices could easily go into the thousands of dollars. Today, however, with improvements in technology the price points for artisan appeal tempered glass vessel sinks can be bought for $350 dollars or less.
There many different material types, shapes and sizes of sinks on the market. Ranging from natural stone like onyx or granite, ceramics, porcelain, metals, and glass. My personal favorites are the glass vessels. They can easily be matched with current décor or have enough color schemes available to match any new construction or renovation. One site has a fantastic selection of glass vessels in stock and ready to be shipped. Most other stores do not carry stock and require long lead times. Sometimes up to 10 weeks!
Whatever your choices for adding in some artistic yet functional designs into your renovation or new construction project take a good look at vessel sinks. They offer a lot and can really enhance the look of your new or existing home and add a little pizzazz.

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