The Secret behind a Womans most Powerful Weapon: The Dreaded Friend Zone!

You have always had your eye for that stunning, voluptuous lady next door yet she doesnt seem to notice you at all. To rub salt into your wounds, she has set her sights on some tall, filthy-rich but crude and heartless bloke who always breaks her heart yet she never wants to leave him. This is a common and difficult situation for most men to understand. For as long as I can remember, our mothers always told us to be good to other people. Treat them with respect, be kind, polite, compassionate, gracious and a whole load of other respectable traits. While I have nothing against carrying yourself around with plenty of decorum and dignity, in many cases, you will not stand much of a chance if you are hoping to get yourself hooked up with those incredibly amazing and super-gorgeous babes. It is good to be nice to all girls, but sometimes being too nice will turn you into a miserable loser. You will soon get relegated into the dreaded friend zone, which I must tell you is almost impossible to escape from.

I know this is going to generate a lot of heat from the ladies, but let it be known that you are not going to get this info from a female perspective. Lets quit pretending and be honest. Our natural instincts drive us to seek females in the hope of getting things physical. Every time you step up to initiate a simple conversation with a woman, you can be certain that her radar detector is on high alert and she almost always knows what you could be up to. It seems unfair that women can have sex anytime, anywhere and anyway they want it. Unfortunately for guys, women do not always want to have sex, while the average guy cant help fighting those ravaging hormonal tendencies that keep haunting him. This is understandable because the female logic will separate friendship from sex. So this gives women lots of power. She has the power to select her most desirable mate; thats the naked truth and the cruel rule of nature. The slightest prospect of a steamy flagrante delicato is solid enough to keep most men right within her reach. The moment a woman gains total dominance and realizes she can have you at the snap of her fingers, you will undoubtedly be consigned to the friend zone. Once this happens, it is almost unlikely that she will see you in a different way. If she is the ruthless type, she will most likely "sexploit" you the same way she does to all her current "lovers". The last thing you want is to be her new best girlfriend. You may not realize when you find yourself always offering to take her out, footing all her bills, carting her and her friends around and even buying her all sorts of expensive gifts. You may have hoped to enjoy the benefits of a sizzling encounter in the sack or a lasting relationship, but ultimately end up burning your hard-earned bucks.

Guys will always fantasize about hot women. The moment a man falls for a woman, he will naturally want to please her and express his feelings. This will lead him to becoming too nice hoping that the woman will do the same and romanticize about him. Dont fool yourself as this is not a ticket to winning her heart. The moment you start hearing phrases like "You are so nice", or she starts pouring her heart out to you about her guy problems, or some great guy she just met, then this should be your tip-off that you have been thrown into the "nice-guy" category. Let me emphasize this. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being a good person and treating people well. When it comes to wooing that irresistible lady, you will have to set the boundaries of being accommodating, else she sees you as just another hapless jerk who is trying too hard to please her. Women are easily repelled by guys who are too predictable and docile. Once you learn how to unlock her defenses, while at the same time posing yourself as a challenge, she may think twice before putting you aside as just another passer by. Ever wondered why the bad guys always seem to get the hottest, most sought-after women. Infidelity, dishonesty, and callousness just to name a few are character traits of the so-called bad guys, yet they always finish ahead of the nice guys. It is not for their appalling behavior that women find enticing, but something else much more powerful. What is this secret attribute that these Alpha males possess that women find so attractive and appealing? It is human nature to desire that which we cannot have or that which is rare. This could explain the charm and appeal of the married man, or the A-list movie star, but this is a story for another day. A beautiful woman will rarely run out of prospects because she is always bombarded and approached by hundreds of men daily. Most of them are just the same. To her, you could be one of the many clueless jerks who always come up with all those old and tame pick-up lines. If not, you are just another overly polite, obsequious average Joe; who makes a prime candidate for a good emotional buddy, if not a brother. However, all is not lost. With some powerful insider dating secrets and tips, you can easily turn over the tables and have these same women buzzing around you like bees, not wanting to let go. But as you venture into the world of dating, you must be prepared to face the many tests that women will put you through just to size you up and see whether you are game enough to take the heat. The key to counter these female tactics is to understand women, and learning the art of instant attraction. So if you are intent on scoring big with the ladies, check your nice-guy attitude, be unpredictable and a challenge, and ultimately graduate from just another of her girlfriends to a dashing lover! If all you are going to do is keep following her around like a lovesick puppy, trying to play Mr. Nice and thinking that you can impress and buy her attention with flowers and gifts, you are nothing but a lame doormat. My dear brother, dont dare seethe at yourself when she runs off with some well-chiseled tattooed hunk for the weekend.

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