The Porkmeisters…Cloaked In Secrecy…Ply Their Trade Of Separating Tax Payers

There wont be a pair of pants big enough to remove the evidence of this pork outrage from the Depositary For The National Archives. Participants will be left with explaining to their future heirs and families their roles as a fully operation "Porkmeister". Under the faint shield of just getting their due for their district deals are struck and Americas future is mortgaged up to its eyeballs. If there ever was a case for term limitations this is it. Familiarity of this modus operandi breeds contempt. The chart in the "club" ranks the biggest porker of them all. "Gosh if I could just get to the top" muses a sharp elbowed elected official pushing toward the money trough for the daily hit of slop from the tax payer money flow of tax revenues all in the pitch of darkness. Waistlines increase as the Lets Make A Deal is played out daily. Long term seniority can magnify and command even more pork. Is there any Mr. (Ms.) Smiths in Washington now? Maybe, Barak Obama and Tom Colburn with their plan to put the budget online could at least shine the light on the players so they could at least "Man Up" to "Yeah, I sponsored that pork attachment". Senator Barak Obama from the State of Illinois and Abraham Lincoln with Senator Tom Colburn from the State of Oklahoma and Will Rogers with being Junior Senators from their respective states perhaps could bring with them the spirit of Lincoln and Rogers to Washington. Wow! Would that be refreshing for a change? Both of the parties are stinking up the country right now. As a nation, we deserve better and we must DEMAND more.

China recognizing the power of the Internet has restricted its use and has even developed its own system. With a host of Internet monitors trying to get their arms around any communication that will show their government in a bad light is censored. The Chinese are now mastering the online power of satire where if you cant read between the lines, then your not understanding the writers drift. The cat is out of the bag in China. The Internet is Americas only hope that the Bloggers in China can marshal enough support to prevent their country from taking a wrong turn. The same hope remains for America. The Blogashere and other online activity in the Internet will bring all the governing bodies under close scrutiny for all to see. An informed electorate is Americas hope. Truth eventually will come out. Having all congressional bills and budgetary items online with ALL the sponsors named will point the brightest and most focused stage spotlight to the proponents of pork. Operating in darkness shields the "Porkmeisters" from scrutiny.

If a project is so weak and without merit and the only way for its passage is to stick it on the trailing tail of a bigger bill than that is just so lame and impotent. Yes earmarks and "secret endorsements" lead to runaway spending. Since the line item veto was struck down the executive branch has little option but to rattle the sword and veto the entire bill and hope that it there are not enough additional votes to over ride the veto. Otherwise, Presidents would need to hold their nose and sign it any way. Perhaps it is time to make another effort to take another run at putting the line item veto in place with hopes of getting a better play with the Supreme Court. Until then, we are left to try and shine a light on the budgetary and legislation enactment by putting everything online and let the public see exactly who is doing what. Parading ones voting record and actions can only help to mute the abuses that are currently under way.

There are huge challenges ahead for America in the Social Security and Medicare sectors that need adjustments NOW. Additional taxation will further burden the middle Americans who have enough on their plate as it is. The Fair Tax or other tax alternative may give the financial income to not only fund these needed programs but eat away the swelling national debt and make America competitive on the world stage. One major benefit would be to remove the need for any lobbyist looking to buttonhole an elected official to get their client a tax loophole. No corporate or individual taxes would do away with pork-laden bills and stealth riders, as there would not be any IRS code to modify. The safety net for low income families will offset any increase to the family budget for a national sales tax and have built in protections against additional burdens to the lower income segments. This program can make a lot of sense but will be fought tooth and nail by all the special interests protecting their little corners of the world. Term limitations could put a dent into the "Career Politicians" where pay backs and back scratching are the rule. Having fresh faces each term would be a learning curve for each with no long-term memory to resource of who is owed what favor. Fresh ideas, fresh approaches with new points of view. That is the base of attraction for Barak Obama. Thus far, appears untethered to special interests and is outside of the old party machine. Obama has shown the ability to reach across the aisle to Senator Tom Colburn, the biggest thorn in the "Porkmeisters" side to put the budget and bills on the Internet for ALL to see. It will take fresh thinking and fresh ideas with a flow of fresh blood. America was founded based on a "can do" attitude. Lately, the country is reeking with negativism and frankly its becoming tiresome. When lawmakers are below attorneys in the polls the electorate are on to them. Changes must come. Special interests must be put aside and some new "Mr. (Ms.) Smiths Must Come To Washington".

If the tough issues are not addressed soon, families will be increasingly under financial pressure with their very credit and financial foundations at stake. Things have to change. Unfortunately, the situation many times needs to get really bad before it gets better. With enemies trying to destroy our way of life, we must become strong again from within. A return to looking at making the tax system fair and removing much of the special interest lobbying efforts to grab a loop hole at the tax payers expense would be a good start. The Fair Tax could do just that. Will this be an easy sell? No way! It will be tough to do. It will impact the "Porkmeisters" and many of the lobbyists trying to buy influence. Term limits with real limited campaign budgets will broaden the citizen pool with people who want to compete on the basis of ideas not how much cash they can raise. When some campaign budgets approach the governmental budgets of some countries, its time for a change. It now is a campaign of exclusion for lack of a large cash stash to run for office. After the term is up, the elected "new blood" needs to go back to work where they were making a living before. No where was this valued citizenry participation meant to be a "life time calling". Serve the term, do great work and go back to work. No full retirement for part time effort that has not measured up, representatives need to pay Social Security just like other Americans, no special parking spaces, nothing. To serve in an elected capacity is a privilege not another entitlement. Serve one term and go home and get back to work and encourage others to run and serve. Pass it on and keep it going. Definitely, becoming a "Porkmeister" and all that it brings with it is not the goal. Making America a better country needs to be the only goal through positive and innovative thinking and bringing in fresh blood to the fray. Limiting campaign spending, reducing term limits, passing the Fair Tax, bringing back the line item veto, putting the budget and bills on internet with ALL sponsors being identified will be a good start. Will the real America please stand up.

Dale Rogers

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