The Perfect Diet

There really is no such thing as the perfect diet. Each person requires a unique diet to suit their unique constitution

Every diet is perfect in that it is serving a purpose and meeting our current needs on many levels. Our food choices reflect our emotional and spiritual state. They are an expression of our individuality and how we choose to relate to the world.

The effect that diet has on the body will vary according to emotional state. Even bad food may be transformed and become more nourishing if we believe it to be so. Good food can be poorly assimilated when we are under stress or harboring negative emotions as it will not be digested properly.

Food choices not only affect our awareness but all of our previous choices are responsible for the creation of our current state of awareness.

Striving to achieve perfection in our dietary choices may be seen as an attempt to achieve perfection in other areas of our life and other aspects of our being. However, perfection can never really occur because we and the world around us are in a constant state of fluctuation. Our diet must change to adapt to the changes in our lives; alterations in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being.

Rigidity in dietary approaches will not necessarily culminate with the best health because mental rigidity has consequences on the physiological function. It may be better to take a more relaxed approach while applying the use of intelligence to dietary choices. Digestion is enhanced when one is in a relaxed state and this will result in improved utilization of nutrients from food.

It is important to remember that healthy food can and should taste good. A healthy diet does not equal deprivation. Appreciate the sensual pleasures of food. Envision the nourishment in every taste. Imagine the nutrients feeding every single cell of your body.

Listen to the body and soul and tune in to what it is asking for at this moment. Be guided by your connection to body and sprit. Pay attention to the messages you receive.

In each moment you are transforming your body and psyche with the choices you make. Use this power wisely and you will be rewarded with not only improved health but also an enhancement of awareness in all aspects of your life.

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