The P.O.D. – Non-Format Religion

The P.O.D. members are notorious of their unpredictability. Having chosen something like the "Payable On Death" as the bands name they meshed a large music trends, ranging from reggae to hardcore. They claim themselves to be true Christian believers, however may easily sing a song, paying tribute to Buddha. Their new album comprises myriad surprises, which are present throughout all lives of members of the California-based band. The only thing they state they will never dare to betray is their religion. They keep on talking about the Gods presence in their songs and regard the Bible as the most worthy book to read for modern youth. The P.O.D. declare that their lives are rich in Gods influence, music and trifle sex, meanwhile the religion doesnt limit their personal freedom.

The P.O.D. witness Gods presence everywhere, but cant predict his attitude to their music. For example their second CD album "Satellite" was released on September 11, 2001, the most harrowing US tragedy. The even then hit minds of the US citizens abruptly and there was no place for music in their hearts. However the recordings "Alive" and the "Youth of the Nation", suggesting that we should pressure every single moment in our lives, brushing aside gloomy thoughts about death and evil were potent and captured the US fan-base. The records reached hits of the season.

Even the "Goodbye For Now" from the newly released album "Testify", contending about how hope is essential in life, entered the Billboard top-20. The album release followed the traditions of the band, having been practiced by the members since the very beginning of their art activity. Having been recently interviewed by a popular music magazine members of the band stated that the name of the album proves itself, as it encompasses vitally important topics certifies their 14-years long activity. We prove everything we have faith in. Music is our voice, voice of modern and yet religious people, the bands members assert.

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