The Market for Retractable Tonneau Covers

There is a huge market for retractable Tonneau covers. These types of covers are available for nearly every type of pickup. Retractable Tonneau covers are made of a number of small panels that extend from one side of the trucks bed to the other. The panels are usually between 6 inches and a foot wide. Most retractable covers are made of high-grade aluminum, and can be locked in position every twelve inches, giving users numerous options for covering the bed. Some retractable Tonneau covers are motorized, but most are manual. Prices for retractable Tonneau covers vary between $600 and $1500.

Retractable Tonneau covers consist of several aluminum panels. The size of the panels varies from model to model. Some types of retractable Tonneau covers roll into a cylinder behind the bed of the truck. Most roll up have very small panels that are only a few inches wide. Other models have larger panels that slide on top of each other as the cover is retracted.

The panels are usually made of aluminum, a strong, lightweight metal that resists rust and decay. Aluminum panels half and inch thick can support up to 500 pounds of pressure. These panels provide excellent protection against rain, wind, and sunlight to the cargo in the truck bed.

The locking mechanism of most retractable Tonneau covers allows the cover to lock in position every foot. This allows the user to expose as much of the bed as necessary. This option is useful for cargo that is stored towards the cab of the truck.

Some retractable covers are motorized, in which case all the user has to do is flip a switch or push a button to retract or extend the cover. These can be a good investment, but most retractable models are manual.

Retractable Tonneau covers are a great value for people who do not constantly need to cover the truck bed. They can cover as much of the bed as needed and lock the cover in place. When the bed is open, the cover is conveniently stored behind the cab, allowing for quick use whenever it is needed.

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