The Law of Attraction and Your Health

Youve certainly seen the movie The Secret and youve enjoyed it. Everyone has and everyone raves about it. If you havent seen it yet, I suggest you go see it soon. The Secret is really not a secret at all. Producer Rhonda Byrne brings to light with Bob Proctor and Esther Hicks what many of us have known for years: what you think about, you attract. This is based on what is now popularly referred to as The Law of Attraction.

It doesn't matter all that much what you are experiencing in life. What matters is where you are experiencing it from. What matters is what you really are. Is it possible that you really are not the body or the personality or your mind? Is it possible that these are things you experience but they are not what you are made of? Is it possible that you are space-an open and allowing space-that the body and the mind appear in?

This is what I have been studying as a quantum healing author and doctor. There are some people who experience spontaneous remission of terminal diseases like cancer, leukeamia, heart disease, and yet scores of others die of the same disease. What if you were more than just this body and mind that you think you are?

What if this space that you are made of between the atoms and the cells that compose your body and that you are unaware of? What if it is really the space that is perceiving these words? What if the atoms in your body are actually thinking and intelligent? Dont you ever wonder how your food gets transformed into an arm, a liver, an eye? How do the cells know whos doing what today?

This space that you are that contains all of your atoms and all of your cells is limitless. This space of Being has no boundaries. If you go on and on forever, what would this mean? What would this mean if there is unlimited awareness available in every moment? Would you still need to be so careful about what you experience and what you avoid? Or could you just allow every experience to have some of the limitless space that you are?

This space is actually where healing occurs. In between the atoms and the cells, in that giant space that makes up you, there is a silent observer who orchestrates your well-being. Wouldnt you want to contact that observer? Read the science of being well Home Study course to receive the answer to some of those important questions.

What if there is only one space? You are it, and so is everyone and everything. What if you already contain everything you could ever desire or want to experience? What if you already are everything you want to become?

What if this space is alive? What if space itself is the aliveness you feel right now? What if this space is full of peace and joy and love? What if this space is already full and rich and satisfying in ways that the experiences of the world have never been?

What if this space is you?

In the Science of Being Well Home Study Course, you will find many examples and stories to help you develop your own powers of healing using simply the power of your mind. This is not revolutionary. These secrets have been around for ages. To learn more, claim your FREE report of the First Secret to Abundant Health on today!!

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