The impact of bird flu

Man has been faced with adversity through centuries. And in the rumble man has won sometimes and sometimes man has lost. Similarly, right now, man is faced with a grave challenge as the H5N1 Avian Influenza or Bird flu is making a slow yet steady progress killing people along the way.

Though bird flu has been around for a long time, more recently, it first occurred in Hong Kong in 1997 claiming 18 lives. Since then, with each passing year, this disease has been spreading from one country to another killing birds and humans alike.

The bird flu though not an epidemic for humans yet, but for some species of birds, it is probably the worst thing that can happen. The effect is so potent that a mortality rate of 100% has been recorded, with the infected birds dying in less than 48 hours.

Bearing in mind these stats, and the number of human cases that have been emerging on a daily basis, it is just a matter of time before a new and improved lethal virus is born. And considering the bouts of outbreaks all over the world, it looks as if a global flu outbreak is very close.

Hence, let us introspect and ask ourselves, "Are we prepared to be able to face this threat in due course and destroy the disease before it destroys us?"

Well, the answer hangs in a dilemma!

With that in mind, a lot has been said about the human spirit and how it always takes a stand during trying times. In that light, now is the right time to shake it up and get it ready for an epic battle. But facing such adversity is not going to be easy. Therefore, we need to be equipped with the right weapon. And by the looks of it, right now, no other weapon appears to be as potent as Tamiflu that can help with the counter attack.

Having said that, Tamiflu cannot be effective if it is not available at the right time, therefore, loading our personal arsenal with Tamiflu now will probably be the most effective offensive in restraining the bird flu.

Lastly, the fight against the H5NI Avian Influenza will be quite an episode. And this time, man does not have the liberty to lose, as that would bring death everywhere. To ensure that, proper action plan and precautionary measures have to be implemented immediately. In that regards, drugs like Tamiflu have to be publicized about and measures devised to make it available to every household. Only then do we stand a chance to win this battle.

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