The Benefits of Truck Tarps

Tarpaulins, often called tarps, are frequently used to cover and secure loads in different types of trucks. Truck tarps can make carrying loads in pickup trucks, flatbeds, dump trucks, and other types of trucks much easier. Having a truck tarp is also safer, with less likelihood of the load falling off the truck and causing problems for the driver or for other vehicles on the road.

Truck tarps for pickups typically cost around $40. Truck tarps for full size pickup beds are about $5 more. These tarps are made to cover a full load in the bed of the truck, securing it and protecting it from the elements. Good truck tarps come with hook and straps to secure the tarp to the truck bed and eliminate the need to tie complicated knots with rope to secure the tarp.

Truck tarps are also available for flatbed trailers. Cargo such as lumber and steel cables are often carried in flatbed trailers. Truck tarps covering a 48-foot long trailer with 8-foot drops can be purchased for about $400 online. Usually, two tarps are needed, bringing the total price to around $800. These truck tarps are waterproof and have grommets through which cables can attach the tarp to the truck.

Dump trucks also need to be covered with tarps to secure their load. Roll up tarps are usually used on dump trucks. These tarps roll up into a cylinder for storage up behind the cab of the truck, and can be pulled out and secured to the other end of the bed to cover the trucks cargo. Tarps for dump trucks usually start at $300 for basic models, with bigger or more elaborate models costing more.

Covering truck beds is one of the many uses of tarps. There are a variety of other applications for tarpaulins.

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