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Carol: steals is the worst result

Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl last attack in the decisions of the people is still the focus of heated debate. The past 24 hours, coach both sides expressed their views on this decision. Prior to the New England Patriots head coach Bill - Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) highlighted the excellent performance of the Patriot players, and that the Seahawks coaching staff should not therefore be criticized. Seahawks coach Pete - Carroll (Pete Carroll) said that tactics no problem, but the result is the worst.

Carol said: "steals this tactic is the worst result of this tactic, if completed, it will become a classic, it's great if there is no interceptions, even if it is just a failed ordinary tactics, no one. repeatedly talk about him. "Carroll said he hopes during the second gear consumes more time before the attack, wholesale nfl jerseys china in order to compress the Patriot attack time. Meanwhile, if the second tranche of the ball fail, the team will attempt to advance from the ground in third gear. If necessary, the fourth tranche will also be a ground offensive.

Carol data in a given interview: cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale before the last attack, china wholesale jerseys there has never been the season steals 1 yard line at a distance of the end zone, any team, any quarterback is true. Carol said: "I have given this tactic is very familiar to us, we have prepared a lot, practice a lot in my impression, from since I became a coach, I have been teaching players how to deal with this. Condition."

In any case, it is defending the pass leading to the Seahawks missed opportunity. Whether this is right or wrong tactics, it will be the fans and the media repeatedly referred to in a very long time. Carroll stressed: "We have done well throughout the season, there are too many wonderful experiences, there are too many positive memories, the players played well, coaches also doing well this attack can not define us. the strength or achievements, we are a championship team, the name of the great football. we are still on the right, the road to success. "

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