The 2007 Dodge Magnum: If the Charger is a Station Wagon

Its brother, the Dodge Charger, has been making waves in the automotive industry, promising a kind of performance that is purely adrenaline pumping. But not to be outdone, the Magnum is just as good as the Charger. If not, better. The Magnum is a station wagon which has got, hiding beneath its eye candy exterior and luxurious interior, a heart just like that of the Charger.

One thing they have in common is, of course, their manufacturer which is very much known for producing great cars for as long as we can remember since their entrance to the automotive industry. Dodge parts and engineering has been known to be of high quality. The parts used to make up the 2007 Dodge Magnum are no exceptions to that.

This station wagon is one of the best in its class. It has enough rooms for a growing family and it boasts of having a 27.2 cubic feet cargo area just behind the second row of seats. And in addition to that, if you still need room more than what the cargo area gives, just fold down the second row seat and you have a total of an awesome 71.6 cubic feet of storage area.

Now, for the major similarity between the Charger and the Magnum, both vehicles come using a massive 5.7 liter HEMI V8 engine which has got the capacity to give out as much as 340 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque. That much power is hard to find in a station wagon in the market today. With all those power, any vehicle would certainly have more than enough to take on the challenges posed to being a station wagon on an ordinary day which, of course, is a very welcome addition. The Magnum is a rear wheel drive vehicle, using a five speed automatic transmission with a lockup torque converter to transfer the awesome power of the HEMI engine to its set of wheels. Drivers can opt to use the manual shifting capabilities of the Magnum, although the automatic shifting is already more than enough; the manufacturer added the manual shifting for the more adventurous lot of drivers.

In terms of fuel economy, the car is rated at 17 mpg on city driving and can consume up to 25 mpg on the open highways. These are respectable figures and if you play your cards right and keep the machine finely tuned and drive wisely, you can save more on your fuel consumption.

With all those storage space which you can load up with just about anything, this station wagon is definitely on top of its class. Add to that the high performance HEMI engine it sports, it raises the bar even higher for the competition.

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