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Brown two external connections were punished in violation of the team before the game last week.

Kenny Britt is not expected in the first season of Cliftland Brown. Corey Coleman was injured again. And the two now encountered new troubles.

cheap nfl jerseys for sale official website reporter Mike Garafolo reported that two people were sent home by the team in Sunday, on Sunday, in the evening of Houston Texas. The two were originally not hurt.

Even if the two will be absent, the team coach-Jackson does not reduce their requirements. The two were sent home on Sunday morning and failed to attend the competition and the two and the team coach group had exchanged. They apologize for their behaviors.

Brid's performance is far cheap jerseys from china being expected after a 4 year of $ 32.5 million this year and Brown. Last season in Los Angeles ram, cheap Miami Dolphins jerseys he completes his career, complete 68 battles to get 1002 yards 5 times. However, he only completed 8 batches in 4 games in 4 games. If you continue to express well, he may face a broken ending like the previous high-paying free players.

Coleman may take more time in Brown. Although this first round show has excellent performance, he is troubled in many times. But he is still the biggest hope of Brown in the external hand.

The most promising external connections of the team and the old people who should be a leader should be very bad together. Jackson Rick realized this and preventing such things again through severe punishment.

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