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Dallas Cowboys, two major, Cheap NFL Jerseys authentic absent team training

Dallas denim number 8 taken Dz Bryant and star offensive Diarun - Smith SMITH, due to calf sprain and arm injury, continues to absence the team training. Cowbur boss Jerry Jones also said that Bryant and Smith were able to recover training after the second week of the next week.

Jerry Jones said: "Only one of my goals is to do our utmost to prevent important players Cheap Jerseys From China being injured. Treat these injuries in a reasonable way, let the people who have hurt the players to rehabilitate, and ensure that every one in the team The health of the player, but it is more important to hold the state. "

The head coach Grett said that the team would not be cautious about Bryant's use, but he also said to the reporter: "On the use of Bryter's players, my answer is still the same as before, you Put a player who is trying to rehabilitate in the end of the game, then he is injured and then being sent to the field, and take a break in a few weeks, this is the worst thing. "

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