Sycolux shows what flash games are capable of!

Flash and Shockwave games are set to provide pure entertainment and sycolux is no exception. It is already creating much more than just the odd ripples in the buzzing and booming world of free Web Games. So, if you are already hooked on to online games, sycolux can be a great pastime, setting the adrenaline pumping up and down your arteries and veins as you pour over this version of pure online entertainment.

The main aim is to cluster stones of the same color in two directions by picking them up from either side and dumping them. Well, just that may not sound exciting any more in the matchlessly lively world of Flash and Shockwave games. But, rest assured, you wont have to rest while you are into sycolux. The clustering of three same-colored unique stones enables the laser gun which you can use to shoot away the remaining stones. Thats something innovative amongst free Web Games and sure to catch your imagination. Then, the real challenge follows...The game-area starts to spin, flip and zoom in and out at random.

Youll need to keep the overview to reduce the blocks. Thats a real challenge, considering all the movements sending waves up and down, right and left across, the monitor. If youre not up to the task, you will be presented with the Game Over. This, of course, means that you need to sign in again and really enjoy online games like this to the fullest. Also, you need to focus on the new state of the panel each time flipping occurs. New blocks keep falling from the panel's top and the game continues till the panel is filled with blocks. An added attaraction comes in the form of a splitted game panel, with blocks coming from each side and the ability to transfer a block between them. Scintillating sycolux is certain to set the monitor on fire. And you are assured of swushbucking action at its sparkling best. The graphics of such Flash and Shockwave games are stunning to go with clear sound effects and cool background music. Sycolux is programmed and designed for complete gaming entertainment, and is here to rock the world of online games.

Popularly regarded as the webs most weird stunning arcade game, Sycolux is addictive. The addiction persists even when you have been able to see through the entire action once. Sycolux is the new by-word for complete gaming entertainment online. Sycolux certainly packs a punch to the fascinating vistas of free Web Games. You just need to add this bit of entertainment called sycolux to your games archive and get riveted to the wow-world of free Web Games with greater vigor than ever before. Flash and Shockwave games are here to rock the world of online games, and what can be a better example than sycolux!

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