Suboxone/Drug Addiction

Opiates are addictive. There is no way to take them without the body adapting and becoming dependent on them.
Most people have heard of endorphins. Endorphins are produced in the human body, and when released, block pain. Endorphins are often referred to as endogenous opiates because of their role in pain sensation, even though they have no relation to poppies or opium, and are structurally quite dissimilar. These natural pain relievers have other functions in the body, roles not relevant to this discussion. Endorphins are one group out of dozens of neurotransmitters, substances involved in the communication between nerve cells. Endorphins and other neurotransmitters act at receptors, the receptor being a lock on a nerve cell, and the neurotransmitter being the key that fits in the lock. Amazingly, poppies produce a substance that looks different from the natural key, but that acts like endorphins by fitting the exact same keyhole. That substance-one molecule from the sap of a red flower-has given the human species the ability to ease suffering in countless individuals, and has resulted in the deaths of millions of others.


"Has the same reaction to the endorphins, But while on the medication it is also rebuilding the receptors that were damaged during the drug use. There is no other medication on the market that can rebuild and keep the addicted from using and be at a comfortable state from withdrwal."

Recovery From Addiction

Recovering from addiction, alcoholism or dual diagnosis takes time. Everyone involved must have patience. It takes time for medications to take effect, time for the brain to recover and time for the human being to heal. Before someone turns to drugs or alcohol to medicate their feelings, it is suggested they get an evaluation at an addiction treatment center or alcohol rehab. (suboxone is a from of rehabilitation)

The first step for a successful drug detox treatment program is to make the patient to understand about the seriousness of the treatment. The patients need to prepare themselves to keep away from the drugs. The selection of an ideal drug detox center is also important for the success of drugs detox treatment. Since drug detox treatment causes withdrawal, patients need to have a highly supportive environment for success of their cleansing programs.

The nature and severity of withdrawal mainly depends on the nature and level of dependency of the drug used. An ideal drug detox center needs to include all the aspects of the withdrawal. The people who use alcohol, cocaine and other prescription medicines need to take the drug detox courses regularly. Most of the detox center usually provides the therapy and counseling with their detox program. (Suboxone will keep the patient from withdrawing)

The two types of dependency

"Physical and psychological". Physical dependency on a substance is defined by the appearance of characteristic withdrawal symptoms when the drug is suddenly discontinued. Opioids, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, alcohol and nicotine are well known addictive drugs known for their ability to induce physical dependence. Cortisone, beta-blockers and most antidepressants are examples of similar such drugs, but they are not addictive. Some highly addictive drugs, such as cocaine, induce little physical dependence too. The main characteristic of an addictive drug is its ability to induce euphoria while causing harm.

The Turning Point

You may have reached a point in your life where you are ready to make a change, and free yourself from an abusive drug habit. You may have even considered some different detox options. However, the stunning variety of programs available may have confused you, as it does many individuals looking to get into a program. Please view my Blog to read more about Suboxone to educate your self.

If you or a family member is addicted to opiates suboxone is The greatest and the answer to opiate dependency.

The Answer To Withdrawl and Addiction To Opiates

Suboxone is a narcotic drug which is legally prescribed. Taken under the tongue, it is slower acting and does not provide the same "rush" as other opioids. It also has a "ceiling effect" resulting in lower levels of euphoria. Basically, it allows the person taking it to function normally.

The goal of the Suboxone program is total rehabilitation of the patient including withdrawal from all drugs- suboxone included. The cost for the 28-day program is about $400.

Not everyone can sober up in a 12-Step program.

Please View my Blog For More Info on Suboxone." target="_parent">Suboxone Opiate Addiction

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