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[AFLC Finals Hotline] Shanghai Warrior @ ?? ?

The AFLC season is close to the end, only a peak, which is the perfect end of this season.

On January 12th, the Warriors and Titan, two teams from Shanghai will be in the Zhangjiang Sports Center, which is superior to the championship trophy.

Is it the warrior defending, or Titan seizes the throne? let us wait and see.

[Competition Information]

Time: 12:30 on January 12

Location: Zhangjiang Sports Center (Pudong, Shanghai)

Ticket fare: 10 yuan (please scan the QR code below the ticket)

[Team Tour]

Shanghai Warriors Shanghai Warriors

Established: 2012

Home: Guolk Sports Center (Jiading, Shanghai)

Shanghai Warriors, AFLC's only double crown! After winning the championship in the 2015 season, nfl jerseys the Warriors defeated the old opponent Shanghai Titan in the 2017 final finals. This season, as the No. 2 seed of the regular season, the Warriors Nanzheng North War, and finally finally with the Titan Association. The Warriors will convinced that after tomorrow, they will be the first three crowns in AFLC!

[Season journey]

Regular season

First place: 28-24 @ ?? ? (wins)

The second game: 26-34 @ ?? Barcelona (negative)

Third, cheap jerseys 56-0 VS Hangzhou Sword & Tiger (Sheng)

Fourth: 21-0 VS Hangzhou General (win)

Fifth: 32-0 @ ?? ? ()


? ?:: 21-0 vs Tianjin Pirate (win)

Federal final: 26-21 @ ?? ?? (wins)

Semi-final: 22-6 @ ?? ? (wins)

Shanghai Titan Shanghai Titans

Established: 2013

Home: Zhangjiang Sports Center (Pudong, Shanghai)

Since its creation, Shanghai Titan has always been the top luxury giants of China's football world. After the AFLC champion was obtained in the 2016 season, Titan, 2017, once again entered the final, and finally defeated the Warriors. This season, as a native season of the East Region, Titan once again successfully killed the finals. This time, they will definitely fight for the championship trophy!

[Season journey]

Regular season

First place: 24-28 vs Shanghai Warriors (negative)

The second game: 34-0 @ ?? ? ()

Third, 40-0 VS Hangzhou General (win)

Fourth: 22-6 @ ?? ??? (wins)

Fifth game: 48-8 @ ? ?? (wins)


External caller: wheel

False final: 24-8 vs Foshan ? ? (wins)

Semi-final: 32-6 VS Beijing Barbarian (Sheng)

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