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Bill and Line Weimat - Milannuo for 4 years

US time on Thursday, Bill officially announced that it will renew the Matt Milano for 4 years. According to ESPN reporters, the total contract salary is $ 44 million, of which 24 million is guaranteed.

In order to renewal with Milan, wholesale nfl jerseys Bill has previously been operated to make a salary space. They compete with the center Micro Moscons and the defensive cutoff-Butler-Badler, which cuts the outside, John Brown and the Guardian member of Quinton Jefferson. It took a total of $ 14 million salary space.

Milano was absent cheap jerseys from china 6 games last season, and the Bill's defensive group was obvious. In fact, in the regular season of Bill lost, Milano was absent due to injury. However, this does not mean that Milan Nino has a hidden danger. He only missed 4 games in three seasons.

Milano is one of Bill's best line in the past three seasons. He can not only provide rushing pressure and anti-running cover when necessary. Since his career, Milano completed 273 cuddles, 6 kills, 5 times.

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