Should You Have A Dog House?

Many pet owners deliberate the question of whether or not to have a dog house. Regardless of the type or size of your dog or if it is an outside or inside pet there are practical reasons for providing your pet with a dog house.

Obviously, an outside dog needs a warm, dry shelter. What size is right for your dog? Use the following guideline to select the right dog house: Roof Height should be 25% to 50% taller than your dog. Door height should be ¾ the shoulder height of your dog. The overall inside dimensions should not be more than 25% longer than your dog in either direction. If your dog will be outside all year round it is best to use an insulated dog house. You can purchase warming mats to help fight the cold. It is essential to insure that the water supply is clean and that it does not freeze. There are many watering devices available to insure a continuous clean water supply. You will also need a non-freeze water container. These stainless steel water containers assure a fresh water supply even in the coldest weather. Hot weather should also be a concern and there are cooling mats available that you should consider.

If your dog is outside occasionally it is also wise to have a safe secure place for it to go. A dog house provides for a place to keep water clean. It is also a place of security for your pet. It will provide a dry place out of the rain. A dog house also alerts strangers that there is a dog present on your property.

Inside dogs like the same security that outside pets require. Pets need a place of their own that is their own private location, inside the larger domain of your home. Many pet owners are providing a light, sometimes collapsible, inside dog house for their pet. The light weight and collapsible dog house can be taken on trips as well. Some pet owners will use a travel carrier in place of an inside dog house. That option is alright as long as you provide a comfortable mat and it of a size that is comfortable for your pet.

Whether you dog is an inside or outside animal, you should consider providing a dog house for your pet. Be sure to take advantage of the many valuable sites available that discuss the safety and security of your pet and the need for a secure dog house.

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