Security System Insurance Discounts – Fact or Fiction?

The answer to this question may be the difference between forking over $20-$30 bucks a month for monthly monitoring... or having your monitoring fees paid for, for as long as you have your security system monitored.

Well is it true, or just another myth?

Lets think about this for a moment.
Insurance companies are in the business to for one thing and one thing only...
to make money.
Therefore finding ways to reduce risk will automatically lead to a reducing of the payment of claims

So, It only makes sense that an home insurance companies would reward you for getting a security system for your home.
It just makes financial sense for them to do so.
After all it has been proven throughout the years that security systems prevent & foil burglary attempt. So that's why they are often willing to provide a homeowner's insurance policy premium discount if you install a burglar alarm in your home.

How Much Are We Talking About Here?

Of course you will have to speak to your own insurance representative , but it is not unheard of to hear of discounts from 10-20% a year on your insurance premium.

Thats right. Several insurance companies are willing to reward you with up to 20% of Your Annual Insurance Premium

Steps to take:

1-Call your insurance agent today to find out about the specific discounts offered for security systems
2- Ask if they offer any other discounts while you are at it. Ask specifically what other security equipment would contribute to an even bigger discount.
4- Be sure to tell them it is a Monitored security systems (This should bring an even larger insurance discount.)
5-If you are just shopping for home insurance sure to ask these questions so you can see the real price after all discounts are applied.

Lets Look At The Numbers To See How This Might Work


Lets assume your for example:

Annual Insurance Premium: $1,200.00
Possible 20% Discount*: $240.00 per year or $20.00 per month

Average Monthly Monitoring Rate:
$17.95 to $19.95 a month depending on how you decide to invest in a system

Net Monthly Investment:
With monitoring under $20 bucks a month...your alarm monitoring is essentially free.
In fact, @ $17.95 a month for monitoring you are $2.05 a month ahead of the game.

That is $ 24.60 a year.
Now that may not sound like a lot of money at first.

Take a second & just think about that for a moment.

Your security system not only pays for itself each and every year, but it will give you $24.00 a year on top of that to spend as you wish.

Of all the appliances you have in your many pay for itself PLUS give you cash?

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