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\*\generator Riched20 10.0.19041\viewkind4\uc1 \pard\?a200\sl276\slmult1\f0\fs22\?ang9 10 ?ust-Try Tips f?r Yo?r TikTok to Perform ?etter\p?r Are you tired ?f putting ?? much effort into your TikTok ?nly fo? t??m to ?e shadow-banned ?r seen b? only a handful of people? ?his social media platform t?at st?rted in 2016 is ?ll t?e buzz and ha? been a tremendous tool for businesses ?nd t?eir exposure. If ?ou adored this article ?long with ?ou desire to obtain guidance with ?egards to social media Marketing services generously pay a visit t? o?r site. \p?r \?ar ?owever, it ?an be quite frustrating to navigate a new platform and figure o?t how to optimize ?our usage.

In t??? blog, t?e TikTok marketing team at Bold x Collective ?ill walk ?ou through the top 10 tips to make y?ur TikTok ads perform ?etter based ?n it? algorithm.\par \par For those that don\rquote t t?oroughly understand TikTok ?nd ?ts benefits, Bold ? Collective explains ?ow to ??e TikTok for marketing.\par \pa? channable-campaign-june-2022\par Bef?re we g?t into these tips, ?et\rquote s examine what the TikTok algorithm ?s really ?ike and what ?ind of factors drive ?ontent ?n it.

The TikTok algorithm is current?y a?sociated w?th the \ldblquote for y?u page,\rdblquote ?lso known as the FYP.\par \par This ?age ?llows users to view videos f?om all creators, ?nd ?ou d?n\rquote t ev?n ?ave to follow them. The FYP ?oes, ho?ever, start to ?hange based ?n the u?ers\rquote viewing preferences ?nd habits with a recommendation syst?m, w?ich is a built-?n tool on TikTok.\par \par Th?s s?stem pushes ?ut content based on u?e? interaction, video ?nformation and device, ?nd account settings.

T?erefore, t?e algorithm will start showing yo? more r?lated content to the type ?f videos you engage w?th the most.\?ar \p?r Th?s allows users the ability t? ?ave ? curated watchlist ?f content that resonates ?ith t?em th? most.\?ar \par Because of this recommendation ?ystem, t?e numbe? of followers ? us?r ha? i? not indicative of the amount of exposure or engagement th?y ?ill receive with the?r video.

?his is what makes TikTok s?ch a useful tool to ?e able to reach yo?r target audience quicker.\?ar \pa? N?? th?t ?o? h?ve a ?eneral understanding ?f the TikTok algorithm and th? \ldblquote Fo? You Page,\rdblquote you ?an ?se this informati?n to create content th?t ?uts you in t?? best position to perform ?ell on TikTok. Let\rquote s get into it the specifics.\pa? \?a? 1. Create Shorter Videos\??r T?? TikTok recommendation ?ystem boosts cont?nt th?t ha? ?igher use? interaction meaning t?e num?er of likes, shares, comments, and viewing duration.

?hat ??u ??n infer f?om this is th?t TikTok considers if users watch t?rough ?n ent?re video or just skip to the next ?ne.\par \par To a?oid y?ur video ?eing disregarded ?nd skipped, making shorter videos ?ould b? a go?? idea. T?is ?ay, ?sers ar? immediate?y drawn ?n t? the point and process y?ur c?ntent with clarity, reducing t?eir likelihood of skipping ?ou? video ?nd increasing the likelihood ?f engagement.

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