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Wouldn't be wonderful leave everything and fly to Rome whenever the spirit moved us? The most important single thing you as a conscious traveler can do before booking your hotel in Rome is to schedule your trip to Rome in the off-season: in fact the number of people going to Rome every year increases the 10%.

Throughout Italy, the high season is generally from the first of April to October and again for the two weeks around Christhmas and new year's Eve.
August is the traditional vacation month for most in Rome, while Venetians vacations, for example, are in the damp months of January and February: Rome is almost empty during the month of August.

Carrying large amount of cash, even in a money belt, is risky business. If you bring traveler's cheques, charge big items on your credit card, convert euros as you go and use ATM machines for your daily expenses like entrance fees and Rome tour guide sightseeing services.
Tips are appreciated and expected for good service in restaurants or at the concierges. Although restaurant bills often include a service charge, this amount is not typically for the waiters/staff. A typical tip is approximately 10%.

Using the internet and sending the emails from your hotels in Rome is rapidly becoming a good services offered by the Rome hotels' owners, but if it an hassle to log on on your computer room, go to a cybercafe: they charge only 2 euro each hour.
With the internet conncetion inside your hotel rooms you can find for example, a tour guide of Rome or a museum opening hours schedule.

If you've got one day left to kill in Rome and have completely burned out your credit cards and ended your savings,You can either sit in your hotel room taking advantage of the many things Rome offers da gratis, like the Mouth of Truth.

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