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The boss of the small horse is still optimistic about the team this season.

Indianapolis Paba currently at the bottom of the United States in the United States. Most people think that Pony season is disappointing, but the team owner Jim Irsay has a different view.

"If you are lucky, we may now be 6 wins and 0 losses," Iris said this week.

However, wholesale nfl jerseys from china only 2 victories of Pony are reversed, so they can also be 0 wins and 6 losses.

Pony has a hope to win the game every game in this season, but they have a fatal defect to crash in the most important time. The game against the Houston Texas is less than 7 minutes in less than 7 minutes, but the final is the epitome of the whole season.

When the disappointment of fans, cheap nfl jerseys online the pressure on the shoulders of CHUCK PAGANO and the general manager Ryan Grigson is also increasing. But Iries defended the coach and general manager of the renewal period this year.

"When I made this decision in January, this is a long-term decision," Iris said. "I know that we have suffered great pressure. But this season has not ended."

The Iries defended the Gridson, the latter selected four-point guards in his first draft but unable to introduce excellent helper to Rac. The effect of building a defensive group in the past few seasons has been particularly poor.

"Len Griffon is too unfair to a lot of criticism," Iris said. "No one cares about his success in the first five years."

These achievements include entering the playoffs for wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys free shipping three consecutive years under Lak Lead. However, everything is divided into everything after the injury in Rock last season. This season, Rak can lead the team to score & mdash; & mdash; Pony is one of the 4th teams of more than 20 points in each game, and because the bad defensive pony is repeated. This is an important reason why Griffson is very criticized to defensive Pagano and performance.

Pony will face Tennesi Titan in the next game, and Rack career has never lost Titan. Perhaps lose a partition civil war will change the mentality of the Iris.

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