Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The logic is quite simple; avoiding the occurrence of a mishap is more prudent than finding a means of curing it when it is already on hand. In the present day and age, the felony of theft may already be committed even in what may seem like the safest means of consummating a transaction, through the internet. The unsuspecting utilization of your Social Security Number in transactions over the net is usually the cause of certain inconsistencies and controversies in the auditing of your account. Hence, avoiding the frequent use of your Social Security Number would eliminate this looming predicament. Always take into consideration the fact that a legitimate company would not require passwords or other information through e-mail. Before providing credit card or other information in the net therefore, make it a practice to confirm the legitimacy of the site. You can do so by verifying the sites address and what appears in literature or from some other reliable source.

Among the measures available to prevent such disaster include but is not limited to: avoiding to provide financial and personal information in response to phone calls which are unsolicited, to include letters and e-mails. While your employer and other financial entities may have official need of your Social Security Number, you have all the right to refuse the request of merchants and other service providers, since there are other means in identifying your person apart from giving your Social Security Number.

Logic also dictates that you must choose Personal Identification Numbers or passwords for bank and Internet accounts, respectively that would be difficult if not improbable to decode. Avoiding the use of home addresses or the date of your birth are some practical tips in avoiding the occurrence of said fraudulent act.

You must also be wary in dealing with businesses that would require the use of such personal information. Before doing the same, a background information must be obtained in determining whether the business entity is a legitimate institution complying with all the requisites of incorporation. A well conducted research on the following issues before entering into any transaction would provide the security you long for in the conduct of your business.

Another common downfall is the clueless belief with another merchants oral representations alone. The possibility of acquiring written information, although it may seem tedious, would be the best prevention for the occurrence of said dilemma.

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