Presentation of the perfect CV when applying for a new construction job

A well-presented CV can make the difference between your CV making an

impression to the reader or not. Everybody writes and presents their CV in their

own way; however, these few words of advice about presentation could help secure

your next Construction


Each section you have decided to include must be clearly headed to make the

CV pleasing to the eye and easy to read. Make sure these headings and

sub-headings follow a consistent size and font, for instance, Time New Roman or

Arial and size 10/12. Highlight important information using bold, italics or

different sized font.

Justify your CV to the left so that each paragraph is neat and tidy and

ensure the space between each line is consistent throughout.

To split up large content, bullet points are useful and effective. To make

the CV look even more professional, split these bullet points into two


Do not forget to do a spell check on your CV and read through it several

times to make sure there are no grammatical errors. With this in mind ask a

friend or colleague to look over it for you.

You do not want to bore the reader by making your CV too long. Try to keep

it to about two pages by avoiding waffle and irrelevant information that may not

be necessary for the construction job you are going for.

Avoid the use of I throughout the CV and write it in third person. Make

sure that the content you put in is relevant to the Construction Job you are

applying to with short, punchy sentences.

Lying is a definite NO NO. It is likely you will be caught out and you will

ruin all your chances of being employed. If you are asked in for an Interview,

you will be asked to elaborate on your CV, so avoid lying and over-exaggerating

at all costs.

Finally, print off your CV to check it over off-line and try out different

formats to see what you like best. Do not spend too long on this though as it is

the actual content the reader is interested in.

These sound words of advice are simple points to follow when writing your

CV and can help to create a very good impression. Congratulations, you are well

on your way to being invited for an Interview for your next construction


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