Piggy Back on Big Company Cheap Hotel Rates

Here is some sound advice for people who need to book 10 or more people into a Hotel. Try Using a Hotel Booking Agent believe it or not these guys are much better than the Internet for block bookings.

Big Companies and Government Departments use Hotel Booking Agents as opposed to Travel Agents to get Great Discounts for their people whilst at Work, Leisure, Conferencing and Training or as part of an Incentive Scheme.

Most members of the Public don't know that this type of agent exists, they do, they do, but not that many of them.These, lets call them Hotel room Brokers deal in thousands of Hotel bookings everyday and you can share in their Spare capacity simply by contacting them with your enquiry.

The service should be Free of charge as they derive their income by commission from the Venue, and they should not be affiliated to any one Group of Hotels allowing them the freedom to scour all of their contacts to get you the very best rates.They should write the contract for you, arrange the payment procedures and copy you in on all correspondence. As a rule they will not take any payments from you but arrange for all monies be paid direct to your chosen venue. You will receive the bill allowing you to check that the rates they quoted to you are exactly what you get, with no hidden extra's.

Hotel Groups and Independent Hotels owners Worldwide appreciate the input and importance of these agents as part of their Marketing Mix and are therefore happy to give them outstanding rates.

Whatever you have to organise for a group of people be it for Business, a Sporting occasion, Leisure, Education or just a Big Family Get together then consider the cost savings and expert advice you could obtain by using the Agents Commerce call everyday.

A good agent will carry out this service for you with no obligation and no contract should be considered unless you request it.

Why not try one of these Powerful Agents when you next need to book for a group, you can talk to real people who truly understand the Industry and are only to happy to provide you with a solution.

Happy Savings.

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