Personal Injuries, Specified

Personal injuries result in various scenarios such as the following:

a.) Vehicle accidents - one of the most common cause of injuries which happens as an outcome of a vehicle mishap; includes cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, planes, boats among others. These accidents attribute to the affliction of the drivers, passengers and even pedestrians.

b.) Brain injury - a very lethal form of injury which may be caused by an accidental or deliberate attack on the head that result from minor to severe brain damages or even instantaneous death of the victim.

c.) Premise liability - this occurs when an individual suffers impairment in other partys premises due to the owners negligence in maintaining order and safety to his or her property.

d.) Animal attacks - can also be considered as the most terrifying causes of physical and mental damages that are mainly the consequences of being bitten or attacked by misbehaving animals which are mostly dogs.

e.) Product liability - utilizing such defective or sub-standard products which in return may cause the user to acquire such damages like food poisoning, appliance electrocution among others which may also cause a persons death. Primarily, the product manufacturers and distributors can be held liable for whatsoever injuries that may result in using their faulty product.

f.) Slip and fall - these instances may greatly happen in establishments such as malls, offices, schools and even hospitals to name some. These are also the outcomes of failing to provide the customers, employees, students and others a safe and secured environment.

g.) Medical malpractice - medical practitioners such as physicians, dentists, nurses, midwifes and other individuals who bestow us medical attention have the responsibility of ensuring our health. But due to some neglectful acts, they tend to detach from the accepted standards of performing their jobs. As a result, their patients health conditions even worsen or sometimes even cause fatalities.

h.) Workers compensation - every employee has the right under the personal injury law (Tort Law) to be provided of a safe and sound wok place by their employers in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents which result to injuries. Thus, any acts of neglect or failure to discharge his duty as the employer may cause him a lot of problems in facing personal injury charges that may be filed by the affected worker.

i.) Spinal cord injury - this occurrence may be brought up by unintentional or deliberate deeds like medical malpractice or an assault to the victims back. In serious cases, this may also result to paralysis or immediate fatality of a person.

j.) Construction liability - the dangers of such work area may be the ultimate reasons of accident occurrences in a construction site which endanger the lives of the workers. This is why the people who are involved in putting precautionary measures in the site should follow a strict implementation of such safety standards and guidelines in order to avoid legal sanctions

k.) General negligence - as the majority of injury-causing accidents are linked to negligence, it is much necessary to exercise our daily activities with much care and cautiousness to keep away from injuries which may cause us a great deal of suffering and hardships.

l.) Wrongful death - generally, this may be associated with the aforementioned causes of personal injuries but this one resulted in casualties.

All these offensive acts can be grounds for filing a personal injury claim. However, it is much better to follow the safety measures in order to prevent these things from happening to you and your loved ones.

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