Our Need For Power

Admit it or not, we all have a need for power.

Power provides each of us with several very essential things; the feeling of being in control, the feeling that we're right, a sense of security and the hope that we can accomplish what we want most for ourselves.

With Mind Control there is no doubt that it appeals to that very base need for power.

Even the most introspective and peace loving have to admit that the real power of mind control comes in two forms 1) external - controlling others and the environment and 2) internal - the ability to control our own thoughts, feelings and responses.

According to J. K. Ellis of Mind Control 101, Mind Control has gotten a bad name over the last fifty years. "We've got to stop lying to ourselves and admit we are all manipulators. It's neither good or bad. It's just true and then we can start to look at mind control in a way that will benefit us."

Here is a little mind control tip that anyone can use that will appeal to both aspects of mind control.

When interacting with someone what can you do to allow them to perceive as if they have power?

A simple example is ask them to do something that is slightly outside of what they believe is their current ability. In asking that give them the support and encouragement that they need to get the job done.

Here are the benefits as they relate to mind control.

First it will demonstrate to you that you have at least some power over people and your environment secondly, and most importantly, it will demonstrate that you have some personal and internal control over yourself to do it.

The main problem with people who suffer from shyness and want control it that they are too much in their own heads wondering "What should I do next?" or telling themselves "This is stupid." In so doing they are not truly aware of their external surroundings and therefore not able to control it.

By taking charge in this small way anyone can begin to see the real benefits of mind control.

About the Author

JK Ellis is a writer and researcher in the subject of mind control and it's possible beneficial uses. His weblog can be read at http://mindcontrol101.webspot.com . To read more about mind control go to http://www.mindcontrol101.com/black-ops-hypnosis.html.

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