Online Dating Industry—Beware!

As the specter of online dating emerged and conquered all none

would have thought that there is even a possibility of this phenomenon fizzling

out, which is naturally the case with industry insiders showing lethargy or indifference

even for a short span of time. The industry and merchants seemed invincible but

even the best of crop can fail if not watered properly. This is an attempt to

make the industry aware of its shortcomings that have recently been recognized

by a chunk of online daters and potential online daters.

When online dating became popular, the users were paying

merely $19.99 a month, but today almost all online dating sites are charging

anywhere between $49 - $59 to facilitate peoples online search for potential

lovers and partners. The price hike, corresponding with the services

popularity, has been immense and is soon going to get out of reach of the

ordinary daters.

The most number of complaints lodged at the Better Business

Bureau about online dating service is regarding the concept of automatic

rebilling employed by the merchants. This has been a major cause of frustration

for online daters and they are increasingly becoming disoriented towards the

whole system.

Another factor that might prove to be the Achilles heel for

the online dating industry is the misinformation that these merchants spread. The

fee that you pay doesnt give you instant access to all the millions of

registered members of the site but a select few. As for the others, one needs to

pay again to be able to respond to a paid members messages. In cases like

these, there are chances of the members feeling cheated.

The industry is witnessing an upsurge and hence a small drop

wouldnt really bother many but a dip doesnt take much time to turn into a


industry...Beware! Get up and smell the coffee before it gets too


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