Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old- Exercise Fights Arthritis

A recent study done by Kristiann Heesch from the University of Queensland in Australia showed that the more often older women work out, the less likely they are to suffer from debilitating arthritis.

Even a meager 1 hour and 15 minutes a week could be the difference between unbearable joint pain and uninhibited mobility. Doctors have long advocated exercise to fight arthritis because it strengthens muscles and reduces fat; two key factors that play a major role in the development of arthritis.

Dr. Heesch commented. "I dont think the results are suggesting that you should just become this maniac exerciser. What it does suggest is that just adding some walking and moderate activity to your life can make a big benefit."

The study showed that women who exercised at least 75 minutes a week reported fewer symptoms of pain due to arthritis. Women who worked out at least 2½ hours a week reported even fewer symptoms. Although there is definitely a positive correlation between exercise and relief from arthritis pain, the reasons are still unknown.

Dr. John Hardin, chief scientific officer at the Atlanta-based Arthritis Foundation explained the findings by saying, "Maybe the exercise directly benefits the joints. Maybe exercise makes you lose weight and the latter benefits the joints. Maybe exercise causes pain sensing receptors to become less sensitive so one feels less pain."

Although exercise is affective for older women, it does not seem to be affective on middle-aged women who suffer from arthritis. It is still not known why the results of the study are not true for all age groups.

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