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Name a Star

Name a Star is a wonderful present for anyone. Send someone special into orbit by Naming a Star after them with the Intergalactic Star Database. This thoughtful personalised gift will last 10 billion years, longer than anything else you could ever buy them.

The Name a Star gift is perfect for your loved ones and will let them know how much you value them. Every time they want to see their present, they can just look up at night and see a beautiful shining reminder of you.
About Name A Star
Name a Star is completed within a framed personalised certificate. The Name a Star certificate clearly states the stars name and its database reference number. The Name a Star pack also includes an educational astronomy starter kit, with a sky chart and star plotter to help you find the area of your star.

The Name a Star gift pack Includes:

Name your own star.
Framed personalised Certificate.
Presentation Box
Introduction Letter
Star co-ordinates certificate and facts on the star's position.
A guide the Northern Constellations book Star Chart and Planisphere to locate your actual star in the night sky.

As the Name a Star gift is personalised please allow up to 5 working days for delivery from date of order.

Please give us your personalisation details for the name a star by typing in the recipient's name and any message in the fields provided above, or send us an email to [email protected]

Name A Star
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Name a Star gift box - Only a small number of stars in our sky actually have names allocated to them; the majority are nameless and are distinguished by their catalogue number only. Your gift box contains the details of one of these unnamed stars that is ready for naming by you.
On your Star Details Form is information about your star; two of these references being your stars Right Ascension and Declination. These are the co-ordinates that relate to the exact position of your star in the sky. Just use these co-ordinates and the instructions on your 5 Steps to Locating Your Star sheet to find the exact location of your star on the huge wall map enclosed.

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Message To Space Gift Box - This is the ultimate way to send an important message, declaration, dedication or tribute (...or communicate with aliens - depending on your beliefs!)The message is sent to a space broadcast centre in North America where it is encoded by a computer into a format that is suitable for transmission. The message is then sent into space using a laser telescope with the message theoretically being detectable for over 1,000 years - some experts even saying forever.

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