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If you can make your own web site for your small or home business, you can put yourself in a winning position immediately.

For most people the problem of going online will be the following:

1. How do I get a web site designed?
2. How do I get my web site hosted?
3. How do I market it to my target customers?

Fortunately, all these problems can be solved by modern all- inclusive ecommerce web site design packages.

The advantages of these all-in-one packages are that they save money as all the tools are in the same package. It saves a lot of time learning how to set up your business and it is easy to run because of the brilliance of the tools at your disposal.

It also saves a lot in web designer fees.

One of the best of these ecommerce web site design packages is Thirdsphere which is recommended by many leading internet marketers for its comprehensive features and affordable price.

It has the following unequalled features:

1. A Web-based WYSIWYG website builder.
This allows you to build quickly and easily pages in a fraction of the time it would take to use HTML. If you can use a word processor, you can build your web pages.

2.Web Marketing Automation Tools.
You have access to a set of tables that automate all your marketing. Some of the features include:

1. Follow-up Autoresponders
2. Secure digital product delivery
3. E-zine and newsletters
4. 2-Tier affiliates program
5. Advertising trackers and ROI calculation
3. E-Book Publisher

ThirdSphere allows you to publish a professional ebook, newsletter, e-brochure and any other kind of digital product.

Simply type your document into MS WORD, enter your e-mail address and press a button and in a few minutes you get a perfect PDF version of your document via e-mail.

4. Web Traffic building and Search Engine Tools
You are given a variety of search engine tools that include a keyword searcher, a meta-tag builder, and a search engine submitter that sends your website to 40 different search engines.

You also get a selection of tools to drive thousands of visitors to your website:

A. An E-zine and newsletter finder to advertise your site or to submit your articles.

B. A classifieds Ad submitter.

C. A pop-up window generator and more!

Remember, this is not difficult to operate. Anyone who can use a wordprocessor, can build a web site with Thirdsphere.

An additional benefit is that you have complete control over your web site. If you want to alter it, you can do it minutes and have the pages submitted to the search engines instantly.

There is no need to put the job out to your web designer and wait to have it done at extra expense to yourself.

In short, if you can make your own web site, you can make and save a fortune online.

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