MAFS’ Stacey Hampton reveals the staggering price of her finale heels

Stac?y Hampton ?as forced to confr?nt cheat?ng allegations du?ing Married At Fi?st Sight's dramatic finale on ?unday night. But despite her uncomfortable situation, Stacey was determined to leave the show looking as ?lamorous as possible. On Tuesday, the 26-year-old law graduate revealed she had worn a ?air of r?inestone-embel?ishe? sandals by René Caovilla wort? $1,907. Th?se shoes are ?OT made for walking! Married At First Sight's Stac?y Hampton has revealed the staggering price ?f her extravagant finale heels 'Everyone keeps asking what heels my bl?ck wrap ones were.

They ?re ava?lable on Farfetch,' she wrot? alongside ? pict?re of a t?n-coloured version ?f the heels.  RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Married At ?irst Sight EXCLUSI?E: túi xách n? hàn qu?c Stacey Hampton's leaked... Jessika Po?er accuses Marr?ed At First Sight ?tars of... 'Young girls need to watch REAL women on TV': Túi xách n? hàng hi?u Túi xách n? hàng hi?u n? th?i trang Married At... Seething with ?ealousy? Stacey Hampton reminds fans SHE is... Share this article Share 41 shares The mother-of-two hasn't revealed the pric? of ?er finale d?ess, but it's believed the frock is a Chanel de?ign.

She also wore her fav?urite Rolex watch for her final on-screen appearance, which was filmed ?n mid-??nuary.  Hey, big spender! On Tuesday, the law graduate revealed she had worn a p?ir of rhinestone-embe?lished ?and?l? by René ?aovilla worth $1,907 Cha-ching! The mother-of-two hasn't reveal?d the price of her f?nale dress, but it's ?eli?ved the frock is ? Chanel design. Pictured wit? her ex-'husband' Mic?ael Goonan Stacey has ma?e no secret of her love for the finer things in ?ife.  Her p?rsonal wealth was made apparent during homestays, wh?n Michael visited the Adelaide home wher? sh? lives with her two children, túi xách n? hàn qu?c Kosta and Kruz.

She drives a $90,000 Range Rover Vel?r, boasts ? $20,000 shoe collection and has more ?esigner handbags than some department sto?es. Ritzy: Stace?'s personal wealth was made ap?arent during h?mestays, when Mich?e? ?isited the Adelaide home where she lives w?th her two children, Kosta and Kruz  Stunned! Michael was stunned by Stacey's designer shoe collection during homestay wee? Many vi?wers were left wonder?ng how the s?ngle mother could afford such luxur?es - but Daily Mail Australia later re?ea?ed the heartbreaking truth behind h?r fo?tune.

Stacey inherited a significant sum of money from he? father and brother's estates fol?owing t?eir deaths several years ago. She put the money into a family t?ust, which she later used to start several ?usiness ventures in South Australia. 'I had my ?wn financial stability [before MAFS] with mor? than Michael co?ld hav? provided,' ?tacey said recent?y, hitting back at claims she's a 'g?ld digger'. Flash! The ?aw graduate drives a $90,000 Range ?over Velar (pictured), boasts a $20,000 sh?e collection and has more designer ?andbags than some department stores

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