Liberals Just Cant Help Showing Their Bigoted Stripes

The political left doesn't think too highly of Americans who happen to have a dark complexion unless they tow the party line.  Sure, they claim to love them and be supportive of every plight they themselves dream up which afflicts these American citizens.  But when push comes to shove liberals always tell us what they really think of blacks that wander off the reservation they have set up.

Take the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel who has allowed their liberal members of the editorial page to once again say what they really think of "blacks".  Speaking on the nomination of Judge Alito to replace retiring Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor the Sentinel writes:

"In losing a woman, the court with Alito would feature seven white men, one white woman and a black man, who deserves an asterisk because he arguably does not represent the views of mainstream black America." (source)

I'll repeat that for you in case you missed it. "[Clarence Thomas] deserves an asterisk because he arguably does not represent the views of mainstream black America."

Wow.  Strike that - make that DOUBLE WOW instead!

Clarence Thomas who is clearly "black" is being derided as not representing the "views of mainstream black America"?  Clarence Thomas, a "black" man who comes from a family that was abandoned by their father, worked hard, become well educated, excelled in his field and rose to the Supreme Court of the United States and writes opinions that defend the foundation of this country and the Constitution doesn't share the views of "mainstream black America"?

What are we left to believe that the editorial board of the Sentinel believes exactly are the "views of mainstream black America"?  Why they must think that the views of "mainstream black America" are when your father leaves you, become a permanent ward of the Welfare state, continually beg the government for more money to make your lives right, trash the Constitution, and never accomplish anything!  How utterly disgusting!

Is this what the modern liberal left thinks of "black" people in America these days?  You bet it is.

This bigoted attitude that any successful and non-liberal leaning black man or woman doesn't represent "black America" is down right ignorant like most of the opinions held by the liberal left.  That's why they are liberals after all.  It irks me to see these ivory tower elitists sit around and talk about a group of people in such a way.  And all this simply because of the color of their skin and their political persuasion.

When I have seen how hard many black Americans are busting their rears each and every day to succeed against the bigotry of liberals who have established barrier after barrier to their success I cringe at the thought that these are the very people trying desperately to hold them back in the first place.  And when I have see each and every day these same liberals trying to tell "blacks" that they need their help to succeed it just continues to grate at my nerves.  And when I see them degrade a successful black man as not representing the "views of mainstream black America" I wonder if there is any hope for those on the political left.

I know the answer to that question.  There is not.  Liberalism is dying under the weight of it's own dishonesty, intolerance and ignorance.

Liberals don't care about "blacks" just like they don't care about women, homosexuals or any other group.  What they care about is only the liberal leaning members of these groups.  And Heaven help you if you aren't liberal because they'll just put an "asterisk" next to your name and claim you really aren't what you really are.

After all, if you are a member of one of their protected groups and you succeed then you might give other members of these groups under their thumbs the idea that they might be able to succeed as well without the liberal's version of "compassion".

The left has fought against any non-liberal black, woman, Hispanic or other "minority" at every turn when one was nominated by President Bush.  So please, enough with the preaching!

Liberals don't give one hoot about "diversity".  They want everyone to be the same - liberal.  And they'll mask their bigotry against any other idea with "asterisks".

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