LG KG800-Tempting as a chocolate!

LG KG800 is a candy bar phone that is as alluring and

tempting as a bar of chocolate! Cutting across geographical boundaries, the

handset has proved to be a hit owing to its original designing and fantastical

exterior. The wonderful exterior is fully complemented by the glut of features

that this handset by LG incorporates. The touch sensitive hidden keypad that

glows red only when in use and fades into oblivion otherwise is the USP of the


The 1.3 MP camera with flash and video recording is accompanied

with a very fine display (TFT, 256,000 colours, 176 x 220 pixels) that makes

your images and backgrounds appear life like! Its MP3 player supports a wide

range of formats (MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC++ and WMA file formats) and can be

effortlessly controlled through the touch pad. 128 Mbytes of memory seems

sufficient, but a memory card slot could have been a great addition.

Connectivity options like Bluetooth and USB support are also present.

Additionally, the handset incorporates a software that lets you drag and drop

photos, videos and music tracks between phone and PC.

LG KG800, or chocolate as it is nicknamed, having dimensions

of 95 x 48 x 15 mm and weighing just 83 grams, is extremely sleek and compact. The

battery standby time of 200 hours is reasonably good and gives you ample time

before you go in for the next charge. Supporting MP3 ringtones and Java games,

the chocolate will never let you down on the entertainment front.

Chocolates are universal favourites, meant for all

ethnicities, nationalities and sexes. Same is true for this candybar handset as

well. LG KG800- Trust what the world loves!

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