Kevin Smith Plus Smallville Equals…

Finally, the much-awaited release of the complete sixth season DVD of Smallville is just around the corner! Its been a chockfull of adventure since the premier of season 6 and now the fans of Smallville will soon get the chance to relive the roller coaster escapades of the young Clark Kent.

There are no definite release dates yet but one things for sure, Smallville supporters can get a hold of their very own set before the year ends. Aside from the satisfaction of reliving the Smallville experience again, another interesting feature of the DVD is the inclusion of commentaries from a variety of people from DC comics. Remarks from writers such as Judd Winick, Brad Meltzer, and Denny ONeil, will make this DVD set a distinct collection. And to make it even more a blast, the producers of this DVD have thrown in Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith, a 36-year old New Jersey native, is popularly known as a screenwriter, film director, producer, actor, comic book writer and the founder of View Askew Productions. This film major dropout have worked in countless movies like Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Coyote Ugly, Superman

Lives, Dogma, The Flying Car, A Better Place, Scream 3, and Jersey Girl just to name a few. In addition, he has garnered numerous awards from a variety of award giving bodies. A life-long comic book fan, he has transformed his fervor for fictional heroes and villains to a lucrative career. Having tons of comic material, his association and work with Marvel and DC comics, particularly his works on Daredevil, Green Arrow and Spider-Man, has ultimately made him renowned in the comic world.

Smiths commentary, as well as the other writers, is an unexpected and rare add-on, which intermingles the artistically crafted ideas behind Smallville and the authentic DC comics. Of course, the DVD will also contain a number of behind the scene footages, deleted scenes, as well as commentaries from the cast.

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